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December has been a busy month for LGBT Great- especially for Georgie (GW, they/them), who joined us on the 4th as the team's new Insights and Content Analyst. We sat down with Georgie to welcome them to LGBT Great and talk about social inequality, seafaring and their hopes for a future of 'practical solutions' in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion!

This World Aids Day 2023, LGBT Great reflects on the transformative power of CSR initiatives in improving outcomes, boosting awareness and reducing stigma for those living with HIV.

On Sunday November 5th, our very own Head of Talent and Empowerment, Emma, will be taking on the New York City Marathon! By way of support, we wanted to kick-start a campaign to help Emma get to her fundraising goal and reach out to those of you in our wonderful network, because we think what Emma is doing is amazing.

Emma is running on behalf of Darkness to Light, a non-profit committed to...

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We are surrounded by binaries, right? Yes/No, Good/Bad, Up/Down, Male/Female. But a cursory reflection on all four of those binaries yields a sudden realisation that a space between those binaries exists as well. Yes and no are relative terms and rarely are fully clear-cut. Good/bad…but in what context, from what perspective? There is always a space between yes/no, between good/bad, between up...

Rachel Reese overview

Charlie Lowe-Collins, an intern at LGBT Great, had a close and personal interview with Rachel Reese, Director at Global Butterflies Limited, a consultancy firm focused to create awareness within the business sector about the trans and non-binary community. During the interview, Reese discussed her personal experiences, and her career journey, as well as insights into the current state of the trans...

International Transgender Day of Visibility 2023

Luke Williams, LGBT Great's Global Member Relationship Manager, provides his perspective on life as a trans person in the UK in 2023.

LGBT History Month

This LGBTQ+ History Month, 5 members of the LGBT Great team share their thoughts on their role models throughout history.

National Inclusion Week cover image

Monday 26th September 2022 marked the start of National Inclusion Week (‘NIW’). For some, this signifies a time of celebration and vocalization for inclusivity and equality in the workplace, encompassing not just the LGBT+ community but diversity in its broadest, most intersectional sense. In this blog, LGBT Great reflects on the theme for 2022, "The Power of Now" and what individuals and...