Role Models and Allies



Project 1000 

Project 1000 is a five-year drive to spotlight 1000 LGBT+ and supportive allies working within the financial services industry. The overall goal is to improve awareness and visibility through our positive action initiatives. Our role models represent over sixty firms and three continents, including the USA, UK, EMEA and APAC.

LGBT Great works collaboratively with other diversity initiatives, such as the Diversity Project, to maximise outreach. Our visible role models make a positive impact across the industry by inspiring others, increasing confidence and improving business reputation.


"Membership of LGBT Great provides Fidelity International with the opportunity to be a part of an organisation that creates positive change for LGBT+ people across the financial services industry. Since becoming a founding member, we have made new connections, enhanced our organisation’s visibility and inspired more colleagues to support the community. Our partnership with LGBT Great continues to be highly valuable."
Anne Richards, Chief Executive Officer, Fidelity International


“Natixis Investment Managers is a proud supporter of LGBT Great, and Project 1000 provides a great platform to inspire LGBTQ+ colleagues and supportive allies to be visible within the financial services industry. It’s essential for everyone be comfortable being their true selves in all aspects of their lives, including at work, so we are excited to partner with LGBT Great during this next great phase of its vital work in our industry."
David Giunta, President and CEO, Natixis Investment Managers, US
hat does being a Project 1000 role model involve? 

 What does being in Project 1000 involve?

  • Being a visible ambassador for LGBT+ DE&I in your organisation on our Platform.
  • Supporting and amplifying our awareness-building campaigns on social media. 
  • Participation in our events and webinars where your time permits.
  • Encouraging and empowering others. 




What does being a Project 1000 role model involve?

Being a Project 1000 role model involves being visible on LGBT Great’s website and social media channels. It also involves helping to amplify awareness-building initiatives within your organisation and participating in some of LGBT Great’s awareness-building events and training. This involves setting up a short bio page on our website. 

Does my organisation need to be a member for me to participate?

No. Project 1000 is open to both members and non-members. Members are able to take a more active role and access the LGBT Great annual programme and initiatives. 

Do you have to be LGBT+?

No. Project 1000 role models are both LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ people. The purpose of Project 1000 is to support organisations in creating an open culture of inclusion for LGBT+ people and to provide this talent with confidence that they can bring their whole self to work. Project 1000 features allies from across the industry globally. 

Do I qualify and am I senior enough?

Project 1000 role models represent talent at all levels from entry level to board level. We believe that it is important that all seniority levels are represented equally. Everyone has a role to play in sending a message of allyship and support to the community. As long as this support is authentic being visible is a simple way you can help. We will help you develop your support further over time. 

What is the process and how much time does it involve?

The sign up process is quick, easy and simple. There is a short form which you will need to complete and supply along with a bio and photo. We would then create a draft of your bio for your approval and also ensure your organisation is happy for us to publish it. Once approved, we will provide you with a publication date.