Member testimonials

The LGBT+ language & terminology session was extremely well received by our network and had our largest number of internal participants to date on this webinar. This prompted strong engagement and valuable insights throughout the session. The internal feedback was hugely positive and was supported by our CEO who joined the session as a panellist. I would highly endorse this session to any organization on a Diversity & Inclusion journey and look forward to continuing to learn, develop and grow with LGBT Great collaboration.
Thank you for your amazing insights training session today. We had over a third of the global organization in attendance and I thought the engagement was excellent. I had comments from several Team EquiLend members right after the call that it was really good and they learned a lot. I thought it was also telling that five out of six of our management team members, including our CEO, were in attendance; it surely would have been all six if it weren’t for our CIO being in an offsite today at the same time.
Over 350 employees joined the terrific webinar on allyship with dozens of questions and comments raised during the session. Thanks to the LGBT Great team for such an insightful and engaging event and looking forward to the next webinar for Inclusion Week.
I’ve been dialing into the excellent programming you’ve been producing at LGBT Great and sharing it with our organization where it has been very well received.  Great insights and in particular the Diversity Data Report you partnered with NICSA on earlier this year was very well done.
Thank you for a fantastic event today. We got some great engagement on the back of it already and it’s great to finally have this very important conversation. I think you ran it really well throughout! I know we have our monthly catch up next week but I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you.
LGBT Great delivered an excellent awareness session on ‘The five traits of impactful allyship’, covering the concept of intersectional allyship across all diversity groups. The session drew on a blend of personal experience and data research, which resonated well with our employees who attended. It was highly interactive throughout via the polling function, chat feature and Q&A. What I was particularly impressed by was how, prior to the event, LGBT Great took the time to prepare in detail.
Many thanks for your attendance at our meeting today.  Our CEO was also in attendance today and called me afterwards to say that he was particularly interested in the data points shared. This led to a great discussion.  I would say, mission accomplished!
I thought that went VERY well! Lots of names I didn’t recognise so hopefully we’ve managed to reach different areas of the business we are not already engaged with. We’ve already received some great comments on LinkedIn and a couple of people have emailed me directly.
Without LGBT Great, I would not have been able to process the fact that my son is transitioning. The programme created a safe space at work to learn and to share my story which has made me feel more confident in helping and supporting my son.
I appreciated the support and guidance leading up to the webinar.  I thought it was a great mix of leaders and the conversation seemed to really resonate with the group.