What we do




LGBT Great provides innovative Insights, Visibility, and Outreach solutions for the global financial services community.


1. LGBT+ Standards

The iiBT framework and standards provide a roadmap for LGBT+ DE&I.


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2. Thought Leadership

Our research and reports are available to all members.

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3. Awareness Training

Our insights training covers LGBT+ topics and broader intersectionality themes.


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4. Social Media

We deliver campaigns all year round to reflect key DE&I dates across a range of intersectional dimensions. 

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5. Role Modelling 

Our Project 1000 initiative features individual & organisations across our member community. 

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6. Employer Branding

Members benefit from organisational features on our website & are permitted licensed use of our logo. 

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7. Mentoring 

Our mentoring programme connects LGBT+ talent and allies across different organisations globally. 

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8. Events and Networking 

Our events throughout the year are designed to showcase members and to connect talent. 

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9. Community 

Our global platform represents over 40 financial services organisations and their employees. 

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