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Rachael Evans

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Rachael is a Technology Project/ Program and Product Manager whose career to date has included time with Microsoft, Vodafone, Credit Suisse and HSBC amongst other house-hold names. She has a reputation for delivering difficult projects in a pragmatic, innovative and inclusive manner. Her past projects include time as a Development and Program Manager for the first Xbox, CRM platforms and several other ground-breaking, patent and award-winning solutions. She completed her research masters in 2013, followed that with a textbook and is currently researching for her PhD in the impacts caused by iterative layering, Agile methods and technical debt. Rachael was an early creator and consultant working with the SEI in Washington on the early versions of the CMMI model helping to define the framework and she is an Agile trainer and mentor. Her work has included residence in the US, Switzerland, the UK, and back home in Ireland. Rachael is strangely passionate about 1930's to 1960's manual portable typewriters both as a collector and daily user.

Rachael says: "It's important that we embrace LGBTI inclusion in the workplace as it adds real value through the perspectives of a greater representation of the population, team members are more comfortable when able to bring their authentic, whole-selves to work, organisational culture is seen to be more transparent and open and ultimately, a relaxed, comfortable workplace is a more productive workplace. We can also see the value of a more diverse workforce through a number of recent industry reviews. A recent Glassdoor survey for example highlighted that 67% of all candidates consider diversity and inclusion as an important factor when considering their next employer whilst a 2018 Harvard Business Review study highlighted that companies with an higher than average diversity quota demonstrated a 19% higher innovation revenue yield. The arguments are compelling, the results are clear to see."
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