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Neil Fatharly

Consultant at The Wisdom Council


Neil Fatharly is a Senior Consultant for The Wisdom Council, a consultancy that provides support to the Financial Services sector on strategy, propositions, new product development and service delivery.

Neil has a 30-year career in fund management and global consultancy, having worked at companies including T. Rowe Price, Standard Life Investments, Scottish Widows, KPMG and M&G. In particular, at T. Rowe Price, Neil was a senior sponsor to employee groups, working to increase visibility in the business, and ensure that employees are represented. Neil is also involved with the Diversity Project.

Neil currently supports The Wisdom Council's "Yes She Can" project, which focuses on making the proposition of long-term savings, investments and pensions more accessible for women.

Neil says: "I have always tried to nurture and mentor people, regardless of identity, age or background. Everyone deserves the same opportunities, and alongside that, there is academic proof that diverse teams perform better. Asset management is a great industry that everyone should be able to get involved in; and now more than ever is the right time to get involved in the conversations about inclusion."
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