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Chris McClements

Head of Technology Client Service Americas at Schroders


Chris lives in Manhattan, New York with his husband Bruce and their dog Rusty. Chris is an international professional: he is Australian by birth, grew up in the UK, returned to Australia for 4 years before relocating to the U.S.A.

He joined Schroders in Sydney in July 2013, enjoyed brief secondments to the Singapore and Tokyo offices before relocating to the New York office in October 2017. His role as Head of Technology Client Service Americas is to maintain the stability of IT systems and increase the satisfaction and productivity of Schroders employees via technology.

He is a passionate member of the LGBT+ employee resource group called SchOUT' and takes a key role in driving the momentum of the activities in the region. His leadership has encouraged others to participate in awareness building events, such as Pride in New York and the importance of ally-ship through events such as comedy nights and fundraising luncheons. Chris has also been involved in working with HR to review and develop LGBT+ inclusive policies, particularly around parental and family leave and also trans inclusion. His work is making an inspiring difference at Schroders and helping to develop organisational LGBT+ diversity and inclusion.

Chris comments: "I feel accepted at Schroders and inclusion really shines through under the direction of our senior leadership team".
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