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James Ayling

Research Analyst at JM Finn


James Ayling, CFA is an equity researcher at JM Finn. James is responsible for active stock selection decisions for UK and overseas equities. As part of his role, James sits on the firm's Stock Selection committee. Broader responsibilities also include sitting on the firm's Asset Allocation committee, where James helps to decide which asset classes the firm should seek exposure to, on behalf of their clients.

Prior to joining JM Finn, James worked in venture capital, investing in early stage mobility and travel start-ups including Voyage, an autonomous vehicle company, and Festicket, a live music festival booking platform. Before moving to early stage private equity, James spent a number of years as a member of BlackRock's Multi-Asset Strategies (MAS) group which is responsible for developing, assembling and managing investment strategies focused on benchmark-relative and outcome-orientated client objectives.

James is an optimist and believes humanity is capable of creating a diverse, inclusive and freely accepting world. But he is also a realist and acknowledges we are a long way from there today. Instead, today's society needs a helping hand - a push in the right direction - to proactively drive forward positive change. We need to acknowledge that people and industries have biases but that these can be overcome. We need to educate others on the benefits a more diverse and inclusive workplace brings. And, we need to stand up and support those who identify as LGBT+ to make them feel safe, included and able to succeed in our industry.

James comment: "A lack of diversity and inclusion stifles innovation and progress. Everyone is different and unique and deserves to feel comfortable at work. People from diverse backgrounds can find it harder to bring their full selves to work - we need to be more aware of this and more supportive."

James is a proud LGBT ally and pleased to support LGBT Great, which he thinks is a welcomed step in the right direction. Through collective action we are better able to ask the difficult questions, to inspire positive change and together, as allies, to represent a visible support network for diversity and inclusion.
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