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Michael James Fox

Custody and Fund Services Lead at JP Morgan Chase & Co


It took Michael until his he was in his 30's until he felt comfortable with his sexuality and being able to lead an authentic life. Michael states "Until this time relationships were compromised, I felt remote from others and I was far away from the person that I believe that I am now". Though acceptance and self-development, while working for an employer that firmly places fair opportunity for all at the centre of its corporate values, Michael feels he has been able to work towards fulfilling his potential both personally and professionally.

J.P. Morgan aims to provide for a diverse and inclusive environment where people can be authentic and be their true authentic selves. The organisation supports its D&I agenda through senior leadership sponsorship (across all of the D&I pillars), a global and local support infrastructure, budget allocation to enable initiatives as well as advocacy in important causes to progress equal rights e.g. gay marriage.

Michael has worked at JPM for 20+ years and in that time has started at the most junior position in the organisation but through hard work, a never give-up attitude, as well as being with by an employer who rewards on a merits basis he now lead the Custody & Fund Services business in Luxembourg and is extremely pleased to be in a position to ensure that D&I is at the centre of how the organisation operates to ensure that, as a business, we contribute to the society of Luxembourg.

Michael states that he has been fortunate to be involved with charities where he has acted a role model e.g. teaching skills to enable young homeless people to re-enter a work environment. In his leadership position within JPM Bank Luxembourg he is an active sponsor of 6 diversity groups encouraging participation, supporting their efforts through presence and budgetary requirements and generally aligning the firm's values with or local endeavours.

While times are certainly different now, Michael believes that those who hold positions of influence can represent for D&I interests, should do so. In closing he adds "In my own a professional career, there were few role models that I could learn from that were successful leaders and openly gay. If I can represent for that, to any degree, then I'd like to do so".
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