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Pips Bunce

Director / Global, head of Investment Banking Technology Strategic Programs at Credit Suisse


An experienced and accomplished IT Executive, senior leader, technical architect, public speaker, coach and mentor. With extensive knowledge, experience and industry best practice across the global financial markets and technology sectors including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS and Bank of England.

Pips is a regular and prolific public speaker, panellist, presenter and media contributor, raising awareness on a range of themes and recognised as a leader and influencer in many fields of Diversity and Inclusion and through her work, From speaking in Parliament or working with the Government Equalities Office through to the hundreds of other firms which have advised and spoken at (board level though to all global employee sessions), she is a a catalyst for positive change, corporate culture and galvanising strong people and leadership skills.

Pips is a Leadership fellow at St Georges House (Windsor Castle), a Henka certified coach and proud culture champion and agent of change and is proud to be non-binary, gender-fluid, Trans and an out member of the LGBTQI+ community, co-lead of the LGBTQI+ & Ally network and member of the McKinsey Global LGBT+ Alliance.

She is a proud recipient of many awards including the Involve and Yahoo Finance Top Outstanding LGBT+ Executive role model list, the British Diversity Awards Inspirational role model award, Financial Times & HERoes Female champions of Women in Business , the British LGBT+ Awards for Inspirational Leader and shortlisted for the European Diversity Awards inspirational role model of the year and the Bank of London Rainbow Honours Inspirational Role Model award and the National Diversity Awards positive role model award.
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