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Richard Bradley-Peters

Compliance Manager at MHA Caves Wealth


Richard is the Compliance Manager for MHA Caves Wealth in Northampton, (formally Cave & Sons), and oversees all the firms regulatory compliance, and he has been at MHA Caves Wealth since October 2015. Established originally in 1906, as Cave & Sons, MHA Caves Wealth is still an independent company offering a range of investment management, stockbroking and financial planning services. As one of the oldest surviving independent stockbrokers in the UK, MHA Caves Wealth has a multi-generational reputation and is recognised for providing an on-going client service of the highest calibre. The firm has a head count of 30.

Richard began his career in Financial Services in 1995 and has seen many changes. In all this time, he has not knowingly met another out gay person in the industry, despite attending many networking and various industry seminars. Richard states “It has at times felt a lonely place to be”.

After being with his previous employer for over 11 years, Richard said it was a very strange feeling upon joining Caves, having to go through the whole “coming out” experience all over again to about 25 people. Richard adds that he felt more apprehensive about this, than the "first day" at new a job nerves, as you never know what the reactions will be. Richard refuses to hide who he is, he states that. “If you don’t feel you can be your “full self” at work, then you will never be able to showcase your complete talent and ability and be your best”.

For this reason, he feels it is of vital importance that there is much more visibility of LGBT+ people and role models in Financial Services. He believes that the “LGBT great” network is a huge asset to visibility, engaging firms large and small and for all LGBT+ employees to embrace the diversity and talent that LGBT+ people can bring. He believes being a role model and sharing his story with “LGBT great” can help advance the message, to help others who want a career in Financial Services, in that identifying as LGBT+ is not going to hold you back.

Richard is an openly gay man and values all areas of diversity and inclusion. Having got engaged to Lyndon in the summer of 2018, they managed to get legally on 28th September 2020, despite Covid restrictions (just them & their two witnesses) as planned.

Outside of work, Richard previously volunteered as a Police Officer (Special Constable) for Northamptonshire Police, a role he undertook between March 2012 and April 2019. A special Constable has exactly the same powers/training/responsibility/uniform as a “regular” Police officer – just not paid. When he left service he was an Inspector by rank, responsible for around 120 Special Constables, and part of the senior leadership team. Together with another Inspector, he helped re-launch a LGBT+ network for all the Special’s within the force who identify as such, to ensure that they felt included, valued, and had support. The force as a whole is absolutely committed to having a diverse workforce and encourages everyone to bring their “whole self” to the role to mirror the communities that they serve.
I am proud to be a project 1000 model because it gives me the opportunity, as a gay professional man within the Financial Services sector, to showcase that we can be visible and successful. We bring real additional insight and representation to our profession. It further empowers and enables LGBT+ people, to increase industry engagement and help us all achieve our goals, be they personal and/or professional. It also shows younger generations starting out after education, that our profession is an accepting and inclusive one, where you can be yourself in an historically male and straight profession. I hope to be able to impart my "wisdom" and support to anyone who wants it.
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