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Meena Santhosh

Global Fixed Income Product Strategist at Blackrock


Bio: Meena Santhosh is a Global Fixed Income Product Strategist for BlackRock. She started her career on the Graduate Program and is now responsible for the development of Global Fixed Income products for Institutional and Retail clients, and representing these products to internal and external clients including investment consultants, existing clients and prospects.

She is an advocate for initiatives that promote opportunities for pupils with special educational needs and serves on a Board of Governors at a local specialist school, which focuses on a curriculum for children with severe or profound multiple learning difficulties. Elsewhere, she has been involved in several mentoring initiatives which aims to guide students in fulfilling their career ambitions and improving their self-confidence.

Meena is married and has recently become a mother to a 9 month old daughter.

Meena says: "My role, day to day, requires meeting a wonderful diverse range of client types and cultures all over the world. To embrace our differences allows us to forge fruitful and long-standing relationships - which are conducive to delivering outstanding services to our clients. I'm incredibly proud to be part of an organisation that continuously makes huge strides towards building a diverse and inclusive culture. We all play a part in challenging inequality and no one should feel they need to conform to an environment that compromises their true self. A more inclusive and respecting culture, agnostic to any background, can empower everyone to confidently contribute to their fullest potential whilst also celebrating the strengths in diversity."
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