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Sam Rooke

Governance and Sustainability Analyst at Baillie Gifford


Sam Rooke is a Governance and Sustainability Analyst at Baillie Gifford, a role which involves researching and engaging with companies on their governance and sustainability practices as well as conducting proxy voting on behalf of Ballie Gifford's clients.

Following graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Geography from the University of Glasgow in 2012, Sam joined Baillie Gifford as part of the Business Operations Graduate Scheme, a two-year rotational programme which allows individuals to experience a range of operational functions. Sam furthered his qualifications in 2015, when he completed the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment Diploma.

From personal experience, Sam knew that joining a new workplace can be daunting for LGBT individuals. As a result, he understood the importance of having a firm wide LGBT Network which promotes conversation around LGBT inclusion. Why? Because it demonstrates that those who identify as LGBT will be supported and encouraged to be themselves at work.

This prompted Sam to co-found Baillie Gifford's LGBT Network. Currently the LGBT Co-Chair, this employee led network was established to support an inclusive culture and open working environment, which demands respect for all employees while raising awareness and educating staff on LGBT issues.

Sam recently undertook Stonewall training on how to be an LGBT Role Model. He is passionate about being a positive role model and hopes that through building communication channels and offering peer-support, all LGBT staff will have the opportunity to be heard.
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