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Sarah Kaiser

Head of Employee Experience at Fidelity International


Sarah is the Head of Employee Experience and drives Fidelity’s strategic agendas around Diversity & Inclusion, Dynamic Working, Employee Engagement, Wellbeing and Employee CSR activities. Prior to joining Fidelity in 2019, she led diversity, inclusion and employee experience efforts in a variety of sectors, including technology, the arts and local government.

Sarah lives, and grew up in, London and holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge. She started out her career in the charity sector, working for youth education and international human rights NGOs. These were small organisations which gave her fantastic opportunities to take on leadership responsibilities and try new things at an early stage of her career.

It was working on discrimination at the human rights NGO, that she found her passion for diversity, equity and inclusion - and decided to move to a D&I position where she could play a positive role in creating fairer, more inclusive cultures. Sarah believes that her mentors have been invaluable for her career development and have helped her develop the skills and confidence needed to take bold steps like this in her career.

Outside of work, Sarah is a Trustee of Voice 21, a charity empowering young people in the UK to build good oracy skills. Herother hobbies and interests include travel, exercise, reading, Eurovision and time with friends and family.

Sarah is proud of how Fidelity takes responsibility for its impact on society. Fidelity’s purpose is to work together to build better financial futures. This speaks to the importance of collaboration to their business and underlines the focus on sustainable, long-term outcomes, together with an aspirational focus on the future. Sarah feels that the culture at Fidelity is incredibly welcoming and supportive and that the leadership team has an authentic commitment to diversity & inclusion which makes her proud to work for there.

Sarah is passionate about LGBT+ equality and comments that:

“There has been huge social change in my lifetime. As a teenager, I first became aware of the impacts of discriminatory legislation and attitudes on my LGBT+ friends. It was a time when many of these laws were being challenged in the UK and I wanted to be a part of making a fairer society where my friends enjoyed the same rights and privileges as me. As a bi woman, I have now grown a deeper understanding of some of the challenges people still feel around coming out.

Today my passion is for creating cultures where everyone feels they belong and can thrive. No one should have to hide who they are to be accepted - we are all at our best when we feel we can be ourselves and be a valued member of the team. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the benefits of promoting LGBT+ inclusion for employees, businesses and their customers.

I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because a small step like sharing our personal stories can have a big impact in helping others feel free to be their authentic selves. At Fidelity, we recognise that diversity and inclusion is critical to realise our vision of working together to build better financial futures”.
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