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Arianna Baxter

Software Engineer at MSCI


Arianna Baxter is a Software Engineer at MSCI in Portand, Oregon who originally hailed from Norman, Oklahoma. She has a long history of being outspoken about trans and other LGBT+ issues no matter the struggle. She has demonstrated her passion in and outside of the workplace by attending protests, working with local organisations, and becoming a global pride leader with MSCI.

Arianna's focus has always centered around celebration, education, and awareness as well as working with underserved and disadvantaged groups. With her bright and bubbly personality, Arianna is a natural role model that is able to work with most anyone.

Arianna is an outgoing and passionate member of the LGBTQ+ community, she serves as MSCI's Global Pride Coordinator and co-head of the Norman, Oklahoma pride group. In her spare time, she likes to drive around and show off her rainbow striped race car.

Arianna has been a steadfast presence in our LGBT+ community of Central Oklahoma, using her voice and actions to raise awareness for trans and non-binary inclusion. Her efforts encompass education, advocacy, support and community building, making a meaningful impact on the lives of LGBT+ individuals around her.
Project 1000, Top 10 2023 Trans and Non-Binary