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Jamie Oliver-Devlin

Lead PMO at M&G


I have worked in the Financial Sector since I was 18 - which believe it or not is 16 years. I have worked to champion visibility and inclusion of those from minority group backgrounds. I look forward to continuing that work in partnership with LGBT Great.
I am a proud gay man, who is unapologetically visible in my queerness at my workplace and in my home life. Visibility is key, as I want to see "me" in the places I work and the customers we servce.
I am a committee member at the M&G Embrace network, which aims to champion colleagues and clients from the BAME communities. Throughout my career I have done all I can to amplify the voices of others from minority backgrounds and I extremely interested in how can continue this work through the lens of intersectionality in the workplace. I look forward to working with Embrace and LGBT Great on these areas.
Role modelling and allyship is important in any sector but our sector does struggle to attract a diverse workforce. I want to work with LGBT Great and the M&G D&I team to boos tour colleague make-up and our customer base.
I am proud to be a visible role model as part of the M&G management team and I feel this helps promote the idea that barriers or blockers to a successful career in the Finance Sector can be overcome and in fact, can at times be our super power to thrive in this industry.
I am proud to be a project1000 role model because it matters, not just to our community but to our customers. We need to champion the visibility of diversity in the workplace and project 1000 is one fantastic element to that effort.
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