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James SToll

V.P. Internal Audit at Wellington Management International Ltd.


Jim was born in the USA and moved to the UK in 2015. Starting out as an elementary school teacher, his career has not followed a traditional linear path. After attending law school, he worked primarily as a civil litigator specialising in tax matters until the 2007 - 2008 financial crisis when he unexpectedly transitioned to asset management. He has more recently broadened his skill set by making an unplanned lateral move to enterprise risk management at Wellington Management.

Jim was the first person in his family to attend university and go to law school. He studied philosophy and psychology undergrad and focused on tax law whilst earning his juris doctorate. He has also completed a master's degree in taxation.

Jim got to where he is today through hard work and determination in the face of many obstacles. He has been conscious to never allow personal or professional rejection to deter him from taking the next step. He believes that he owes a great deal to his parents who, despite his mom being from a minority background, for whom English was a second language, and his father, who is a veteran with a disability, both made sacrifices so that he could excel in his academic pursuits.

Outside of work, Jim is passionate about taking cooking classes in different countries! He also seeks out large parks in any global city he visits to serve as a highlight for runs he ventures out on. Foreign languages have always been an interest, specifically Portuguese, as his partner speaks it at home.

Like many people in the LGBT+ community Jim suffered from poor mental health as a result of being gay in his younger years. He experienced bullying, conversion therapy, and isolation which had a significant impact on his health and progression into adult life. Whilst he recognises that acceptance of LGBT+ people has improved over time, he knows that there is still much more work to do. This is why he has taken several equality and inclusion leadership roles in his professional life in his mission to help and support others.

Jim is proud of Wellington Management's drive for genuine diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. The firm has empowered him to work on a global work assignment and appointed him a co-chair of an ERG (Inclusion and Cultural Awareness Network). He also has many other positions of responsibility including sitting on the regional DE&I Committee as Secretary, serving as a Board Member of the Wellington U.K Foundation and is a member of the Disability Workstream of the U.K. Diversity Project

In these roles Jim has direct line-of-sight and, more importantly, ownership of deliberate actions the firm is taking to increase equitable opportunities for underrepresented talent in furtherance of Wellington's true north of empowering better decisions and innovative solutions for its clients.

Jim comments that:

"I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because underrepresented talent working in finance should never feel compelled to hide their identity. We have superstars in the LGBT+ community that are ready to shine as their authentic selves and there is a moral imperative to champion equitable talent outcomes that more truly reflect the client-base we serve".
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