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Shelley O'Connor

Performance Manager / Co-Chair of LGBTQ+ Network at Bank of England


Shelley O'Connor is the Performance Manager for the Bank of England. Shelley leads the annual performance round, which includes: 360 feedback process, objective setting, and the relevant training. Shelley have also helped introduce and lead the launch of a new competency framework in 2023. With over 11 years of experience in project and change management, she has been involved in some of the biggest change initiatives within the business areas at the Bank, focusing on hearts and minds, collaboration, and inclusion. Shelley is also the Co-Chair of the LGBTQ+ Network at the Bank.
Shelley is a driver for change and a force to be reckoned with in regards to making positive change for LGBTQ+ colleagues. Shelley continually educates, not only the network in the Bank, but her wider external network on LGBTQ+ issues, awareness days and takes a stand publicly as an ally. She does this with her educational blog posts, but also puts words into actions by attending numerous prides across the UK. Shelley spearheads the biannual Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, and in 2022 resulted the Bank moving up over 100 places to 57th. Shelley, fights against homophobia, transphobia in the right way, standing with the community through the good and the bad. Shelley strives for intersectionality by actively looking for opportunities to work with other networks on internal events, as well as on internal policies. For example, the menopause policy launched this year. She has also worked on the Trans Equality Policy and Transitioning at Work guidance with the Network's trans reps. Shelley has been part of the Gender Network for five years, sitting on the steering committee and driving intersectional change. She has also worked with the Disability Network, creating management guides and training with HR. Shelley also volunteers as the Head of Volunteer Management for Bi Pride UK to help break the stigma and create a safe space for Bi+ communities.
I feel role models are important to make a difference. Without role models, how can our communities achieve greatness and see what is possible. I am proud to have been selected to be included in this wonderful list, that I can help make a difference and strive for a better future for us all.
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