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Chris Good

Payments Business Analyst - IT Business Consulting at Fiserv


Chris' mother is an immigrant (European to America) and he was born as a tri-national (Swiss, French, American) in the U.S. In 2017, Chris left his home country and emigrated to France, then relocated to London in 2018 and has been here ever since. Over his lifetime, he has been introduced to many people from all over the world with different cultures, languages, customs, and personal experiences. As a result, he has always been one to be inclusive and welcoming to others, as he knows how difficult it feels to be an outsider. Chris say's, "We all just want to feel welcome, like we belong, and have a safe space/place."

As an adult, once Chris realised and came out as gay, he again learned what it felt like to be an outsider / a minority and has always known that a person shouldn't be judged by their sexual orientation or for being different, for that matter. Differences are attributes that should be valued, cherished, and treated as assets.

We are all human beings and as such, just want to live authentically and to be happy. People are better off when they don't have to hide who they are and/or who they love. Life's too short.

Chris has been a Pride parade participant in his community & other surrounding areas each year. He is a frequent supporter of local gay businesses, restaurants, theatres, events in the community. He and his husband display a rainbow flag from their home all year (especially Pride month), every year to show their community that LGBTQ+ people are here, they exist, and they are proud - it has prompted several others in their neighbourhood to do the same now, as well.

Overall, Chris likes to believe that this has impact on not just him, but also his community, by promoting LGBTQ+ existence, showing that LGBTQ+ people are an important part of the community, that they are helpful, friendly, contribute, and good neighbours, and proud to be here.
Recently named Co-Lead of the EMEA Unity Leadership Council, which is Fiserv’s (LGBTQ+) Employee Resource Group (ERG) across the EMEA region. Also an active member/contributor to Fiserv's Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Recruitment workstream and ERGs committee, which works and seeks to attract, develop and retain (externally and internally) a wider range of diverse D&I candidates and employees within their company. Joined Fiserv's Unity LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG), partnered & helped establish bi-monthly EMEA meetings for ERG members. Assisted with establishing/creating a Unity ERG budget proposal and worked with Leadership team to get it approved by the larger company. - Panel Speaker - Look Who's Talking - D&I Bites: Free to Love and be Loved - Webinar for Employees: How to Become an LGBTQ+ Ally - Speaker Series Host: United in Unity: a Real Life Story - Living with HIV - a phenomenal experience! Resulted in employees/attendees being so inspired and appreciative of having someone share this very personal experience and his journey. - Orchestrated Intersectional-ERG participation, engagement, and inclusion (between 6 ERGs). - Fiserv's Global Strategic Pride - Planning Committee. - Worked with colleagues to obtain & organise Corporate Sponsorships and engagement in 3 new EMEA Pride Parade & Festival events this year (Dublin, Limerick and Basildon). Working with SVP-HR on the company’s D&I Recruitment workstream initiative working (externally and internally) towards “attracting / developing / retaining” more diverse/DEI candidates and employees.
Chris said: "Because it helps highlight to our communities that we are working together to bring awareness of and exposure to the LGBTQ+ community and that we all deserve a seat at the table in representation."
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