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Shaun Meekins

Early Careers Global Lead at Fidelity International


Bio: Shaun is the Global Early Careers Lead at Fidelity International. Shaun has 20+ years leading Early Careers recruitment across the Financial Services Industry, collaborating with diversity partners internally and externally to drive greater awareness, curiosity and empowerment to future under-represented job-seeking communities. As an openly gay man, Culture, Values and Purpose and intrinsically important to ensure that the working environment and our people are advocates (and practitioners) for diversity and inclusion. Having created a number of tailored channels to attract under-represented candidates into our industry over the last 2 decades, Shaun consider it to be not only a privilege, but a responsibility to continue driving the LGBT agenda internally and externally and to ensure we widen our networks and channels though which to attract, assess and welcome richly diverse talent pools to Fidelity International.
Being relatively new to Fidelity, Shaun is still in the period of exploring and discovering and has recently become the LGBT+ Network Co-Lead. In previous roles, he has supported and led a number of recruitment events that have been tailored to focus on individual and intersectional diversity pillars. Having supported a whole host of LGBT+ events externally over the last few years, focus is very much on ensuring Early-Careers opportunities are accessible. Through network members and allies, it is our responsibility to empower future applicants to bring their whole-self to our organisation. It is equally important that we collaborate across our industry and wider to collectively drive change (not just in mindset but also in delivery of our processes). He was also instrumental in building LGBT+ specific events/marketing - tailored not just to those who represent the community but also those who were curious and keen to ally.
Shaun comments: "Being a Project 1000 role model holds a great responsibility. I would take great pride in sharing my story and my experiences and how I have managed the ever-changing emotions and feelings that come with being your whole-self in the workplace. I feel that it is important to redefine often-misaligned perceptions of our industry and how I can play a role in empowering others to celebrate their authentic selves and help drive a natural agenda of diversity growth within our organisation. Half the challenge is the willingness to listen/to understand the challenges others have faced. The other half of the challenge is ensuring we are continuing to drive change with diversity remaining at the top of the agenda."