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Vladan Martinovic

Debt Origination Manager at Pension Insurance Corporation


Bio: Vladan is part of the Investments team at Pension Insurance Corporation (‘PIC’) responsible for sourcing, structuring, and executing private debt deals. Prior to PIC, Vladan was part of HSBC’s sales and trading unit in London, where he focused on rates and credit products for UK Insurance and pension companies. Vladan’s path to a career in finance is a bit unorthodox – following his chemistry studies in Serbia, he completed a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Cambridge, studying fundamental pathways underpinning cellular communication.

Originally from Serbia, Vladan is aware of the importance of the visibility of LGBT+ people in a professional environment. At his previous workplace, he started the LGBT+ network at the trading floor and found that increased visibility led to more helpful ongoing discussions that were not bound to the month of June only. This ground-up approach in tacking LGBTQ+ visibility in financial organisations added another, to some extent more relatable dimension to top down initiatives such as Pride events and roundtables. At PIC, Vladan is an active member of D&I Forum.

Vladan comments that:
“It is always a joy seeing people at their coffee breaks discussing questions raised through LGBTQ+ initiatives. Creating an environment where questions can be asked, dilemmas addressed and horizons expanded translates to other parts of the business and daily life.”
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