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Lindy Kroese

Balance Wealth Planning


Bio: I come from a small coastal town in Namibia, a country situated in Africa. After High School I was fortunate to study finance at a very prestigious university in South Africa. This university was in the heart of the Winelands, which of course helped my social life.

It was here that I first met my now wife. Unfortunately, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows from the start as we could only spend a short amount of time together until she had to move to the UAE for work. Both of us had to move on. After 7 years we manged to find our way back to each other and of course I said yes!

Due to economic and political pressures in South Africa, I applied for a financial planner position with Old Mutual Wealth at the time, now Quilter Private Client Advisers. I am now qualified and experienced in both UK and South African Financial Planning industries and able to help clients transitioning from either country.

A year ago, we bought our first house together and loving West Yorkshire life.

I can honestly say that I have never really experienced any difficulties from friends, family or co-workers because of my sexual orientation. It's been easy being my authentic self. I always advocate that love has no gender.

I have come across many friends and family whom have been afraid of what other people would say if they were to come out. Through my experience I have coached them not to underestimate the understanding and capacity for love people around them have. People care and understand more than most people might think.