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Brent Boxley

Head of Transformation at PremFina


Bio: Having spent a decade in Senior Management roles across Retail Banking, Mortgages, Insurance & Wealth & Investment Management, Brent knows that truly diverse teams are the winning formula for organisational success. Put simply, Brent believes that by being an inclusive employer, you'll be able to attract, develop and retain the highest level of engaged colleagues, who in turn generally strive to exceed rather than meet expectations in all they do. Brent believes it's this approach that has contributed to him and his teams winning a number of industry awards over recent years around leadership, engagement and customer service.

Being a gay man himself, Brent always champions the LGBTQ+ agenda, particularly given when he started his career some 25 years ago, being a gay man was so much more different that it is today. Brent insists that it should be your experience, skills and attitude to a role that showcases itself - not your sexual preference. Equally he also believes you don't have to be a member of the LGBTQ community to have a say - he believes being an Ally is just as important.