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Roberto Rocha

Hospitality Manager at T. Rowe Price


Bio: Roberto is a hospitality manager for T. Rowe Price, based in London. He manages reception and catering teams across the UK offices. Roberto also partners with EMEA offices and peers in the APAC region, to ensure that the international hospitality team delivers a consistent, cohesive and high-quality hospitality experience globally. In addition, Roberto shares best practices with colleagues in the US and has been instrumental in developing the concierge service in this region.

Roberto is a member of T. Rowe Price’s LGBTQ network, PRIDE@T. Rowe Price and co-chairs the PRIDE EMEA Chapter, where he is responsible for helping to organise the firm’s participation in events such as the Pride in London Parade, and represents the network and T. Rowe Price at conferences and cross-company groups.

Roberto was born in Brazil and moved to London around 17 years ago. His original plan was to study in the UK, but he soon realised that he had a real passion for customer services and hospitality and ended up pursuing a career in this field. Roberto eventually moved into the corporate sector and has worked at T. Rowe Price for eight years.

For Roberto, championing diversity, equity and inclusion (D, E &I) in the workplace and wider society is important because it means that everyone’s voice has the opportunity to be heard. For example, Roberto recognises that building a diversity and inclusion strategy into the recruitment process when seeking new candidates to join his team can help the firm access a wider pool of talent. This has the potential to bring innovative ideas into the organisation and enable Roberto and his team to further enhance the high levels of service that can be offered to our equally diverse clients and associates.

A great example of D&I being embedded into T. Rowe Price’s business strategy is the London Apprentice Scheme. The firm partners with external community partners to help promote and manage the apprenticeship scheme, which has been established for a number of years. Through this route, Roberto has seen some talented individuals join the firm - and in some cases, his team - who might not have done so through traditional recruiting methods.

On T. Rowe Price’s inclusive culture, Roberto comments: “As an openly gay man, I feel lucky to work in a place where I can be myself and be celebrated for who I am. I’ve never experienced bias at T. Rowe Price and colleagues have always been really accepting of me as an individual. T. Rowe Price offers employees a wide range of opportunities to learn about inclusion, and senior leaders, such as Project 1000 role model and Head of Global Distribution for the firm, Robert Higginbotham, are active allies for the various associate-led D&I networks within T. Rowe Price. This inclusive and supportive attitude trickles down throughout the organisation and creates a really welcoming space in which to work and collaborate”.