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Patrick Nuyten


Bio: Patrick is recently retired from the corporate world, but during his corporate career he was APAC Marketing Business Manager at T.Rowe Price and was involved in marketing-related projects that impact the whole of Asia Pacific. He represented the region in many global initiatives for the company, making sure that their voice is heard. In his role, Patrick was fortunate to be able to champion Pride @ T. Rowe Price in APAC. He was also a member of WAVE @ T. Rowe Price, the firm's women's business resource group.

Patrick began his career in advertising and moved from agency side to corporate when joining T. Rowe Price in 2015. After working for the Australian and New Zealand market for several years, he was given the opportunity to move into this APAC-focused role. It gives Patrick the visibility and connection to associates in all the APAC offices, which is helpful while building the firm's Diversity & Inclusion culture across the region.

Patrick comments: "Moving from Amsterdam to Sydney about 17 years ago, I was surprised that the level of acceptance for LGBT+ equality and rights in Australia was less advanced than in the Netherlands. Slowly we're moving in the right direction in Australia having achieved marriage equality in 2017. However across the APAC region there is still a lot to accomplish. Realizing how fortunate I had been growing up in The Netherlands, it made me passionate about being a role model for the LGBT+ community in Asia Pacific, and within T. Rowe Price. I believe that having a strong Diversity and Inclusion culture is vitally important for any organization, large or small."

He adds: "T. Rowe Price has a long history of Pride initiatives in the US and EMEA and is now building on that knowledge and experience to further advance Pride across the APAC region. Having offices in countries where LGBT+ rights are still in their infancy can be a challenge, however T. Rowe Price is totally committed to this cause to ensure that the workplace is a safe and inclusive environment where you can be yourself."