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Vicki Foster

Responsible Business Director at St. James's Place


Bio: Vicki is Responsible Business Director at St. James's Place Wealth Management. In this role she leads the groups approach to being a leading responsible business which includes societal impact, environmental impact, inclusion and diversity and the group's Charitable Foundation. Vicki has worked in Financial services for over 25 years and has gained her knowledge and skills from a variety of roles during that time including client facing, business development and operational appointments. In 2008, Vicki became a chartered financial planner and a fellow of the Personal Finance Society. She was recently appointed to the Advisory Board for the City of London Taskforce to boost socio-economic diversity at senior levels in UK financial and professional services.
Her current role brings together her desire to make money a force for good, her passion for equality and her flair for driving change. She believes passionately that building inclusive cultures is critical to harnessing the benefits of diversity and has been instrumental in helping the business shape its approach to inclusion and diversity, focusing on embedding I&D within the corporate strategy to build a sustainable business for the future.
She comments; "Although we are fortunate to live in a world of diverse cultures, perspectives and identities, we still have some way to go before everyone is genuinely accepted for who they are. I believe if we can open our minds and take time to listen and learn about each other, without assumption or pre-judgement, we can break down some of the barriers that prevent people from being themselves. In the workplace, people thrive when they feel like they belong and when they can contribute freely without fear of reprisal. Creating the right environment for this to happen is central for businesses to succeed and to be sustainable. It's vital for all our futures"