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Isabel Healy

Inclusion & Diversity Specialist


Bio: Isabel was previously a I&D specialist at St. James's Place, where she led on the agenda for LGBT+, gender, & age. Isabel's career background has been varied, though mostly in office management or PA roles, across multiple sectors. She has worked within law, local government, and micro-insurance before joining SJP in 2017.

Isabel feels that her varied career path has given her a good understanding of different social groups, and the issues that they can face. She has seen occasions where colleagues have felt uncomfortable talking about their identities, and seen the negative impact it can have. Therefore, she feels strongly that everyone deserves to be able to live a full, happy life, which includes talking about who they are without fear of discrimination.

Isabel notes the strong focus on inclusion at SJP, and the particular appetite internally to support the I&D agenda. Very senior levels of management are engaged with the agenda, and can see a clear business need to support I&D. That senior level support also spans across other areas of diversity - for example, SJP has made a strong commitment to supporting their race & ethnicity inclusion agenda, and are demonstrating that support across the business.

Isabel comments: "As an ally, a key part of supporting inclusion is the learning journey. I'm keen to have conversations with as many people as possible about their experiences, and learn from that to create more inclusive spaces.

The important thing is that this isn't just about talking though; we need real action to make change happen, and make sure that everyone can feel involved and included."