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Angela Bellinger

Head of Business Intelligence and Relationships at St. James's Place


Bio: "Hi, I'm Angela Bellinger. My decision to join SJP in 2013 is one I have never regretted. I felt the positive cultural difference immediately and there was already an element of inclusion that helped me feel at ease and be myself. I don't like labels and consider myself to be an individual, but many people and society see me as a lesbian or gay and unfortunately that's the first thing people identify about you.

And so a bit about me. I've always worked in the financial services industry in many differing roles and spent ten years as a self-employed consultant on Business Process Reengineering. I live in Swindon with my 3 Labradors whom I dedicate my spare time to. I turned 50 last year and although that's sounds old, I still feel my best years are yet to come. I have been asked to be a role model for our LGBT community and I'm happy to help. Having said that, there are those at SJP who feel that using a term such as LGBT is inappropriate labelling and I agree. People want to be treated as individuals and not banded together if they don't identify as a main stream majority.

Over the last 6 years I've noticed a positive change to recruitment and more flexibility being offered so that people can work at SJP and live their lives. There's no denying that there is more work to be done to address inclusion, diversity and the gender pay gap but times are changing and it's great to be part of that. Being able to be yourself in the work place is what we at SJP should strive for - whatever that looks or feels like. No labels, no special treatment no disadvantages or discrimination.

When you feel no blame or shame you are free to express yourself and contribute to your full capacity in the workplace. Our people are our most precious commodity and with individual creativity, drive and passion we will be stronger.

So let us embrace diversity and inclusion without fear and with open hearts and minds."