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Regina Borromeo

Senior Portfolio Manager at Robecco


Bio: Regina is a Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Global Macro Fixed Income & Sustainability at Robeco, with a focus on the top-down allocation within credits, high yield and emerging markets across the Global aggregate strategies. In addition, she is the Portfolio Manager of the Climate Global Bond strategy. She is a founding member of PRISMA, the LGBTQ+ employee resource group at Robeco as well as a member of the DE&I committee.

She joined the firm in 2018. Her previous role was at Brandywine Global Investment Management (now part of Franklin Templeton) in London, where she worked in the period 2010-2017. Her last position was Head of International High Yield. Before that, she was Portfolio Manager and Credit Analyst at Morgan Stanley Investment Management in London and Philadelphia from 2001-2010. She holds a Bachelor's in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she is a competitive squash player and represented the Philippines at the 18th Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta along with helping UPenn win the US National and Ivy league team championship titles in 2000.

PRISMA advocates for a work environment that respects, welcomes, and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender professionals, and enables them to perform to their fullest potential and contribute to the greater goals of Robeco. PRISMA is an ancient Greek word and an acknowledgement of Robeco's engineering heritage as well as our forward-looking and inclusive mindset. As light is refracted, the rainbow is all the colours that are below the surface of visible light

Regina comments that:

"I am proud to work for a company that has made having a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture as one of the key drivers of the firm's five year strategic plan. DE&I is an essential part of long-term sustainability. Support systems, allies and mentors have been impactful to my coming out journey the past 25 years. As a Senior Portfolio Manager, I strive to be a visible role model for the younger generation in the financial industry. I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because advocacy and visibility has always been an important part of the coming out journey."