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Iain MacLeod

Project & Engagement Manager at Reed


Bio: Iain is a Project Engagement Manager at REED. In addition to his core role, Iain is also part of the Inclusion & Belonging Steering Committee as an LGBT+ champion. Iain set up REED's relationship with Stonewall, and their participation in the Diversity Champions programme, and helps to coordinate the completion of their annual submission to the Workplace Equality Index.

Iain strongly feels that supporting inclusion at work is not only important, but vital to a company's success. He doesn't want to have to hide who he is at work, and wants to feel free to come in and be his whole self at all times. Moreso, he wants to make sure that others are empowered by their employers and colleagues to do the same.

Iain says: "Whilst we are at a relatively early point in our journey, there is a strong commitment to inclusion at REED. James Reed has pledged that REED will seek to have women make up 50% of its senior leadership team over the next 3-5 years. They will be there not to fill a quota, but because they are good at their jobs. The company has also implemented several policies to drive inclusion most recently their most recent Transitioning at Work policy, which hand in hand with Hiring Manager guidelines, help to support Co-Members through their transition.

Diversity & Inclusion has always been a big focus of mine, but as I have grown in my knowledge the importance of intersection has become ever clearer. I represent just one small voice in the LGBT+ community. As a white, cisgender man I need to be the best ally and advocate I can to those who do not have the same privilege that I do."