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John Dinkha

Specialist Consultant, Financial Services at Reed


Bio: John Dinkha is a Financial Services Recruiter at Reed, with a particular focus on Investment. John has worked at Reed for the past year and a half, and prior to this worked in banking for 9 years, building customer relations.

John feels that no-one should feel like they can't go to work and do their job without being themselves. People should be able to feel safe to do their job and be embraced for who they are, not being judged or fearful of repercussions. He works hard to ensure that he and his colleagues are known as inclusive recruiters, and educating other firms that it's important to recruit based on talent alone, and not exclude anyone based on stereotypes or pre-judgements.

John says: "As an ally of the LGBT+ community, I've seen people go through struggles with their identity, and I've seen how important it is that they feel comfortable at work. We have to make sure there's an even playing field for everyone, and sometimes that means making sure you're only working with employers who are open and inclusive.

I hope everyone I work with knows that they can always talk to me if they're struggling with where they work, or feel like they can't be themselves."