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Tim Horrocks

Executive Director/Investment Manager at Quilter


Bio: Tim Horrocks is an investment manager in the Quilter Cheviot Leicester office. He has over 30 years private client investment experience, having trained at the original "Albert E Sharp" in Birmingham, now part of Barclays Wealth, and also worked at Henderson Crosthwaite in London. He arrived at Quilter in Birmingham in January 1999. In addition he has managed Charity investments for over 30 years and is one of the "Quilter Cheviot Midlands Hub" charity investment specialists.

Having started in the industry in the 1980s, Tim saw first-hand how the financial services industry was lacking in diversity, not only in terms of LGBT+ diversity, but also with regard to gender and racial diversity. Whilst things have progressed, there is still insufficient diversity and Tim strongly believes that if a company wants to succeed in the future it needs to understand the needs of a diverse workforce. In addition, a diverse workforce is the only way to fully comprehend the needs of a diverse client base. He also want to evidence that people from the LGBT+ community and ethnic minorities can progress in what was historically seen as a white, middle class profession. Tim is proud of the steps taken by Quilter PLC to improve diversity, even to the extent of participating in Southampton Pride.