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Pauline Lucas

Senior Adviser Services Managert at M&G


Bio: Pauline has worked in Financial Services for almost 20 years, primarily in management and senior manager roles across the UK. She started out as a cashier in a high street bank and realised from the outset that she had a real enthusiasm for the industry and for engaging others. Currently she is a Senior Support Manager with Prudential Financial Planning, and comments: "I am passionate about leadership and the difference we can make to people's lives when you inspire everyone to be their true selves' in work."

In Pauline's early career and throughout school, she did not hear about LGBT identities and often avoided conversations about her personal life, for fear of judgement or exclusion. When she and her wife decided to have children, they knew they had to lead the change they hoped to see and speak freely about their lives, encouraging others to do the same and celebrating difference.

Pauline adds: "Unfortunately, inclusion is still not a given - particularly in certain industries and I am proud support and lead never having to feel awkward about being in some way different to many of your colleagues, to have real pride in your own story and where that has brought you. A positive discussion around LGBT identities creates a far more welcome and supportive environment, empowering everyone to challenge discrimination and be a positive ally."
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