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Romi Savova

Chief Executive Officer at Pension Bee


Bio: Romi is Chief Executive Officer of PensionBee, the leading online pension provider she founded to simplify pension savings in the UK, following a harrowing pension transfer experience of her own. PensionBee uses technology to help customers find and combine their old pensions into one new online plan. PensionBee customers can see their live balance, make contributions and withdrawals online and use a smart calculator to plan their saving.

Romi has played a key role in advancing consumer standards in the pensions industry, from reducing transfer times to campaigning for the full abolition of exit fees. PensionBee is the first pension provider to utilise Open Banking, enabling customers to see their live pension balance alongside their current account. In 2019, Romi joined the Financial Conduct Authority's working group on Open Pensions and Investments, advocating for safe and efficient data sharing protocols for pension information. Romi currently sits on the Money and Pensions Service's Industry Delivery Group for pensions dashboards.

Romi oversees Pension Bee's focus on diversity and inclusion. She takes an active role in promoting best practices across recruitment, talent management and culture. Overall, she aims to help the pensions industry achieve greater representation to help, inspire and motivates others. She is a passionate LGBT+ ally and visibly supports colleagues across her firm.

Romi comments: "Diversity needs leadership and support across the entire organisation to thrive and at Pension Bee, the management team sets the tone. I am proud to support this inspiring initiative. The concept of diversity and inclusivity encompasses acceptance and respect and is central to our five company values of Love, Innovation, Honesty, Simplicity and Quality. At PensionBee we know everyone is unique, from our team through to our 280,000 registered customers, and we frequently celebrate this both internally and externally."