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Jim Fitzpatrick

President and CEO at NICSA


Bio: Jim Fitzpatrick is the President and CEO of NICSA, a global asset management trade association with a mission of connecting industry participants in order to advance leading practices. Jim joined NICSA in 2015 with 30 years of experience in senior leadership roles within the asset management industry. Working closely with the Board of Directors, Jim has set the strategic direction of NICSA, which includes the launch of the Diversity Project North America in late 2018. The Diversity Project promotes an inclusive asset management industry and seeks to achieve diversity across all dimensions through collaborative leadership from senior business executives. Jim is honored to champion this initiative within an industry he has served for over three decades and is a proud ally to the LGBT+ community.

Previously, Jim was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management with responsibilities that included senior leadership responsibilities in both global operations and global sales roles during his career. In addition, he served as an officer of the Goldman Sachs Funds for fourteen years and served as an Independent Trustee for the Hays Series Trust until December 2017. Jim began his career with The Boston Company and later First Data Investor Services Group, a subsidiary of the surviving entity, First Data Corporation, where he held several senior management positions during his tenure.

He comments: "I am a proud supporter and ally of the LGBT+ community. By shining a light on LGBT+ perspectives, Nicsa's Diversity Project North America seeks to accelerate diversity and inclusion in the global asset management industry. I embrace the opportunity to affect positive change within our industry as we strive for a more diverse, inclusive and understanding society.

Being an ally is about listening and learning from those with different perspectives and taking active steps toward ensuring that those perspectives are embraced. Within in the workplace, allyship lies in the acceptance that imbalances do exist, and using whatever voice or platform that I've been afforded to work toward changing those imbalances."
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