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Jim Cove

Executive Vice President at Natixis Investment Managers


Jim is Senior Vice President, U.S. Marketing at Natixis Investment Managers, where he is responsible for developing and executing strategic marketing and digital initiatives to advance key business priorities and support sales efforts.

He has held various positions at Natixis Investment Managers since joining the firm in 2001. Prior to joining Natixis, he worked at Scudder Kemper Investments and Fidelity Investments. Jim holds a BA from Saint Anselm College and an MA from University College Dublin.

Jim was inspired and impassioned by the social justice movements which occurred in the United States in 2020 to found Natixis Investment Managers’ first LGBT+ employee resource group (ERG). He is committed to being a visible advocate for the LGBT+ community at Natixis and, more generally, within the asset management industry.

He believes that visibility, advocacy and education, in addition to hard work, are critical ingredients to develop and nurture a diverse and inclusive workplace and society overall. While Natixis’ LGBT+ ERG is still relatively nascent, he is inspired by the many Natixis colleagues and allies who have embraced the network and its goals of inclusion for LGBT+ employees. He is actively driving forward the firm’s work across various LGBT Great initiatives including education, visibility, and mentoring.

Jim comments: “The year 2020 was remarkable from so many perspectives and highlighted that, as a long-time employee at Natixis, it was incumbent on me to become more involved with our diversity and inclusion efforts as a firm and within the industry more broadly. I am delighted that our efforts at Natixis Investment Managers have received such a positive response, and look forward to maintaining this momentum with help from partners like LGBT Great.”
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