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Devon Anthony

Sales Enablement & Learning Program Director at Morningstar


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: Devon Anthony is a "Professional Problem Solver", and currently works in the Chicago office of Morningstar as a Sales Enablement Program Manager.

Devon works closely to streamline sales practices, helping Morningstar to operate in the most effective and efficient way as a sales organization. She has spent most of her career in training and development, coaching advisors on how to build successful financial services practices. In addition to coaching, she began selling so she could leverage a hands-on approach to personal and business development.

A big advocate for championing people, Devon feels that Financial Services is still stuck, at a senior level, with a white, straight male environment. There's still a lot of room for diverse groups of people to be included in business, and LGBT+ inclusion in particular can often be overlooked.

Morningstar have built an environment where people can have an open conversation about diversity, what it looks like, and how we can improve as a business. Devon is excited to take part in that conversation and contribute to keeping that inclusive environment going.

Devon says: "Morningstar have been clear in publicizing how they are embracing diversity, and in stating that it is important to the business. By being welcoming to everyone and building an open culture, we will be able to make sure that everyone is included. I'm looking forward to opening up further conversations in the business, and I am always happy for anyone that wishes to reach out and have a conversation about how to drive change in business."