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Fletcher Williams

Merger and Acquisitions Manager at Moonbug


Bio: Fletcher Williams is a Merger and Acquisitions Manager at Moonbug Entertainment. Prior to joining Moonbug, Fletcher spent two years at NBCUniversal working in Corporate Business Development, and later in Acquisitions Strategy. Fletcher graduated from Kings College, University of Cambridge in Economics, and is originally from California.

Fletcher is passionate about LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace, and was a committee member of OUT, NBCUniversal's LGBT+ network. He helped organise and promote LGBT+ events and inclusion internally, as well as champion NBCUniversal's participation in London Pride. While at University, Fletcher held a leadership role on the LGBT+ committee, with responsibility for running events that promoted LGBT+ issues and awareness across the University community.

Moonbug is a new startup digital-first entertainment company funded with c. $150M by the Raine Group to acquire and invest in fun and safe digital content supporting healthy values in children worldwide. Fletcher is on a team of two who are managing digital content acquisitions.

Most importantly to Fletcher, Moonbug seeks to promote media that inspires and teaches compassion, empathy, and resilience. Life skills that improve the way we share our stories, experiences and perspectives within and between our communities.