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Shanta Puchtler

President at Man Group


Bio: Shanta Puchtler is President of Man Group and a member of the Man Group Senior Executive Committee. Shanta started his career on the research side of the business, with an emphasis on quantitative research and leadership of quant teams, and he previously held roles at Man Numeric including as President, CEO, co-CIO and Head of Research.

He is a proud ally to the LGBT+ community based on his belief of equality for all and he has a key role in driving Man Group's diversity and inclusion agenda. Shanta's passion for equality is based on his own life experiences: growing up in Laos and Alaska, working as a teacher, a photographer and an internet start-up leader. He is a proud ally to his bisexual sister and her transitioning partner, and always tries to put himself in the shoes of others, a core component of allyship.

Over the last year, Shanta has led a panel discussion alongside Man Group colleague Nelson McNeil at the National Association of Securities Professionals meeting, focusing on lessons learned during 2020 regarding perspectives on race and diversity in the workplace. He was also the Senior Executive sponsor and an active participant in the US Pride celebrations for Man Group.

He comments: "I am proud to be part of LGBT Great's initiative to clearly declare my support for my LGBT+ colleagues, friends and family. Allyship is about using your own position and advantages to take actions in support of others who could benefit by guidance, support and or promotion to avoid feeling marginalised. I would like my LGBT+ colleagues to feel like they have an ally at work and they can find an ally in me".