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Emma Milton

Global Head of HR Operations & Strategy at Man Group


Bio: Emma Milton is the Global Head of HR Operations & Strategy for Man Group. Emma is a committed ally to the LGBT+ community for a variety of reasons, many of which have been shaped by experiences she has witnessed throughout her life. Emma strongly believes that no one should be defined or limited by their sexuality, gender, race, background or career choice and that everyone deserves, and should have, equal opportunities.
Emma’s allyship and support for the LGBT+ community stems from personal and professional experiences where she has witnessed active discrimination towards friends and colleagues. This social injustice influenced her thinking about what she could do to help as an ally; Emma began to make her support for the LGBT+ community both clear and visible using her voice as an ally, having seen the effects that a lack of visibility and support can have on others. She recognises the importance of allyship and the role we each play in promoting equality and inclusion for all.
Emma’s role as an ally to others also extends beyond the LGBT+ community. At Man Group, she is responsible for all operational aspects of Human Resources; pay, benefits, immigration & mobility, wellbeing, HR systems, data and lifecycle support. She initiated and has been the driving force behind a firmwide wellbeing programme.
Emma comments: “I am pleased to be representing Man Group as an LGBT Great role model as part of the Project 1000 initiative. We all have a responsibility to support and upstand with each other in a bid to ensure equality. I am a passionate ally for the LGBT+ community and it is important to me that everyone feels equal and supported within their community and outside of it”.