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Gordon Coughlan

COO of Man Alpha Technology at Man Group


Bio: Gordon Coughlan is Chief Operating Officer of Man Alpha Technology and a member of Man Group's Technology Leadership Committee. He is responsible for shaping and implementing the technology strategy which underpins Man Group's investment engines, along with ensuring the operational readiness and resilience of the front office technology team. Prior to this, Gordon served as Head of Data for Man AHL. Before joining Man AHL in 2010, he worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Gordon holds a bachelor's and master's degree from University College Dublin, and an MBA from the University of Warwick.

Gordon was a founding member of Pride@Man, Man Group's LGBT+ network, and he is proud to be a visible role model. He is also an active supporter of Man Group's Drive network, which promotes and executes diversity and inclusion initiatives across the firm.

He comments: "Research shows that diverse perspectives and a culture of inclusion yield greater innovation and better performance. Quite simply, having visible role models and allies is good for both our people and our business. At Man Group, I'm proud to see that we are championing diversity and building social inclusion into the culture of the firm itself."