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Heather Andrews

Employee Experience Director at Legal & General


Bio: As Director for Employee Experience at Legal & General, Heather is responsible for ensuring employees feel empowered and enabled to do their best work and to help drive the organisation's purpose and strategy. Legal & General is committed to being economically and socially useful and ensuring business activities achieve a positive outcome for society, while generating returns for our shareholders.

Prior to joining Legal & General, Heather led employee experience for Virgin Media, and was Global Head of Talent Planning & Acquisition at PA Consulting Group. She previously held roles advising on talent acquisition and recruitment strategies for brands including EY, Experience London 2012, Experian and KPMG.

Heather is passionate about investing in the experience people have at Legal & General so that anyone who has the opportunity to succeed can do so, regardless of their experience, background or how they identify.

She comments: "We should embrace those things that make us different, as they bring with them new ways of thinking that benefit our employees, the communities we operate in and in society as a whole. Role Models and Allies play an important role in showing people that the industry is embracing diversity, and that people can feel confident being themselves at work."