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Philip Anderson

Chief Operating Officer at Legal & General


Bio: Philip Anderson is the Chief Operating Officer for Legal and General's Institutional Retirements business. He is based in the company's Hove office, where he is also the site location director and local community sponsor. Philip has worked for Legal and General for over five years, and in that time has driven a complex portfolio of technology and business change to meet the company's purpose-led strategy and to create a fantastic place to work.

Philip lives in Brighton with his partner Mark. He is a governor for the region's leading sixth-form college, BHASVIC, as well as a member of several local technology and community groups, working together to ensure that Brighton remains a leading UK hub for diverse talent.

Philip said: "It's immeasurably important that everyone feels that they can bring their whole identity to work, school or college. We are at our best when we feel safe and respected, and it's easy to underestimate how difficult this can be for many LGBT+ people, especially in school or in the workplace. LGBT+ equality in the UK has transformed over recent decades, but it's important to remember that there are still too many industries, communities and societies where LGBT+ are unwelcome, unrepresented and even at risk.As a senior leader, I feel a strong personal responsibility to ensure the workplace is a safe, supportive place for everyone, including LGBT+ people. I want all employees to feel excited and valued for what they can do AND for who they are, and there are countless ways that we can all do this.

Allyship is an incredibly important way that everyone can support LGBT+ equality. Allyship isn't necessarily about campaigning. Listening to LGBT+ people and helping to break down or challenge stereotypes can be incredibly empowering, and just knowing that somebody is there for you to lean on - virtually or otherwise - can change somebody's life."