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Laasya Shekaran

Investment Consultant at LCP


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: Laasya works in Investment Consulting at Lane, Clark & Peacock, and her time is split between doing client-focussed work and doing research. On the client-focussed side of her work, she helps a variety of pension schemes, ranging from £50m to £50bn in asset size, to set investment strategies, manage their portfolios and understand the risks their Scheme may face. Her research role involves building up LCP's internal mathematical modelling tools, setting asset class assumptions and researching liability driven investment solutions.

Another important part of her role at LCP is being chair of the LCP Multicultural Network which focuses on fostering a race-inclusive culture where people from all sorts of multicultural backgrounds can thrive. The LCP Multicultural Network sits alongside LCP's other employee-led diversity and inclusion networks, including the Women's Network, Wellbeing Network and the LGBT+ Network.

Laasya comments: "For me, it is extremely important that any discussion around diversity and inclusion is addressed from an intersectional point of view. People do not just neatly fall into one box and it is important that we understand and celebrate the varied experiences and characteristics that form crucial parts of our identities. While my role on the Multicultural Network focuses on race equality, I believe that we cannot fight racism unless we also fight homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism and more - which is why I make a conscious effort to be an ally and educate myself about the experiences of different marginalised communities, especially when I am in a position of privilege.

It has been amazing to see the work that the LCP LGBT+ Network has done since it formed and to support the Network. I have attended ted talks, taken part in eye-opening discussions and even got to march in my first ever Pride! I am really excited about this campaign as I believe that having visible role models can help you to feel safe in a work environment and envision yourself progressing. I would love people to know that you don't have to be a certain type of person to progress in the Investment industry - it's our differences that are our greatest strengths!"