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David Millar

Head of Communications at LCP


Bio: David has worked in the pensions industry for longer than he cares to remember. He joined LCP in 2019 as Head of Communications, managing a team of communications experts who help trustees and corporates to communicate with their members and employees

David is one of LCP's 'partner champions' - senior leaders within LCP who actively support the work of the different diversity networks. As a partner champion for LCP's LGBT+ Network, David has tried to listen, learn, and amplify the voice of the network internally and externally. He also provides support for the different events and activities run by the network, which apparently includes being called upon to tell an impromptu joke at the LCP LGBT+ Bingo, as part of the warm up act. If you have ever wondered 'why are pirates called pirates?', David can tell you*.

David's motivation stems from a belief that we only get one life, and everyone should be free to enjoy theirs as they see fit, provided they do no harm to others. In particular, workplaces are an essential part of life and these should be inclusive places where life's rich tapestry is celebrated rather than condemned. The fact that this also means those organisations who embrace diversity are able to attract the best people, retain their talent and be more successful is a wonderful bi-product for doing the right thing. As a people leader, David has seen first hand the difference a supportive environment can make to the success of a team.

David says "I'm proud to be an ally for the LGBT+ community, helping to encourage an inclusive culture so all our colleagues can enjoy a work environment where it is safe to be who they are, and can thrive in their chosen careers."