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Jess Horner

Senior Consultant at LCP


Bio: I work at LCP as a pensions actuarial senior consultant, which involves advising clients (mostly Trustees) on their pensions liabilities and how to best ensure members receive their promised benefits. I also am part of LCP’s specialist de-risking team. Helping Trustees and Companies secure their pensions liabilities with insurance companies and other providers.
I have been at LCP since 2015, following a summer internship in 2014.
I have been involved in recruitment, career progression of others and organising the graduate training programme. Serving as deputy chair and co-chair of the LGBT+ Network for a number of years. I strived to give LCP employees the tools required to be great LGBT+ allies. The Network's aim is to provide a safe space and visible support for the LGBT+ population within LCP and the wider industry, which they do through awareness raising events, networking and training. A big part of the education piece in the network revolves around sharing profiles of role models covering all areas of intersectionality.
I think it's really important that people are able to see visible role models that they can relate to. It's encouraging and helps you feel like you belong during the times when imposter syndrome kicks in. It also helps you feel like it's ok to be you and bring the version of yourself to work that makes you happy. I'm a big believer that you shouldn't need to come out at work if you don't want to and do not feel that it is relevant. However it's so vital that if you want to be out that you feel comfortable doing so and supported by those around you. Another bonus to using role models as a means to educate is that is seems to be the best way to recruit allies and help them relate to LGBT+ issues. I've found that experience sharing and open and frank conversations are significantly more effective in engaging others than simply sharing the statistics. I think it's really key to improve inclusion within the industry. The current diversity levels are far from ideal and by improving inclusion within the industry, diversity will follow. We need to ensure that from the outside this feels like a great sector to work in, where you can be your best self.