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Jamie Harding

Consultant at Lane Clark & Peacock


Bio: Jamie Harding is a qualified actuary and consultant within LCP, advising trustee boards and corporates in relation to their pension schemes. He also takes a leadership role within LCP's Wellbeing Network, where he particularly focuses on the areas of mental health and disability.

This has provided opportunities to work alongside the LGBT+ Network and Jamie's life professionally and personally has increasingly involved people who identify as LGBT. He has found the process of learning, listening and sharing to be a really formative one.

Conversations often reflect on the experience of "otherness" and made Jamie reflect on the fact that in his case, being visibly disabled, meant whilst he had no choice but to be "other" this also meant he was enabled to be himself.

One of the most uplifting experiences of the last year for Jamie was marching as part of London Pride alongside his LCP colleagues. The energy and spirit of the day was overwhelming and the way in which he was embraced as an ally was both very humbling and empowering.

Jamie comments: "A key element of that day for me was seeing how many young kids were out celebrating and the realisation that for many of them their first introduction to the LGBT conversation was one of dancing, singing and waving colourful flags. For me, this acted as a sign of hope of progress made and energised me to play my part as an ally to keep the dial moving forward.

I have a disability, it is a part of who I am, and others know this and thankfully largely respond appropriately. To an extent no one has a choice but to recognise who I am as an individual.

I therefore realised that often in the case of LGBT people, that environment of respect and understanding required to enable individuals to show their true selves needs to be created and requires efforts from all of us, and the role of an ally is vital within that."