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Andrew Fortescue

Partner at Lane Clark & Peacock


Bio: Andrew is a partner at LCP. As Staff Partner and Head of Training & Development he aims to provide an environment where everyone can bring their true selves to work so that they can thrive and reach their full potential.

Andrew is an active ally of LCP's LGBT+ Network and in promoting all of LCP's Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Highlights have been marching at LCP's first Pride in London parade which was a truly fantastic day and supporting the introduction of LCP's Recognising Gender Identity policy.

Andrew believes it is important for leaders to be visible, active allies of the LGBT+ community and not just passive supporters. By visibly demonstrating our support leaders define the values of their organisation and empower those in the LGBT+ community to be confident and thrive. Andrew comments:

"I am honoured to be recognised as a Project 1000 executive ally and look forward to continuing my support of my LGBT+ colleagues. I believe that by educating ourselves and learning about and supporting one another we end up with better workplaces, better relationships, better businesses and ultimately a better world".