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Zoe Burdo

DEI Manager at Lane Clark & Peacock


Bio: Zoe is a qualified actuary working as a Senior Consultant at Lane Clark & Peacock, advising clients on all aspects of their pensions arrangements. She is the firm’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) manager, working alongside LCP’s executive leadership to develop policy and strategy internally and support LCP’s four D&I networks. Zoe also specialises in behavioural biases and uses this expertise across her various roles at LCP.

Zoe believes one of the most effective way to promote lasting change is to be a strong and visible LGBT+ role model and vocal ally for marginalised groups within the community. By building other people up and supporting them, and bringing more diverse experiences into the conversation, the more we can work to break down biases against individuals.

At LCP, Zoe notes a strong acknowledgement that D&I is core to everything they do. Instead of being a standalone initiative, D&I is instead influencing discussions, strategy and policy across the whole business.

Zoe comments:
“It’s really important that everyone gets the opportunities to have new experiences and see role models that are like them – across all walks of life, professional and personal. By improving our openness to talk about our different experiences, it can naturally help to make spaces more inclusive.

One thing that resonates with me is the feeling of being the odd one out, and feeling like there’s no-one else like me around. Through diversity, true inclusion and equity, we can aim to make sure that everyone sees themselves represented and welcome and able to thrive in every facet of our lives.”