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Paula Moore

Chief Operating Officer at Jupiter Asset Management


Bio: Paula Moore is Jupiter Asset Management’s Chief Operating Officer and has been at the company for over 20 years. Over that time, Paula has overseen significant change, and more is coming as technology and innovation continues to transform both relationships with clients and the industry more broadly. As COO her responsibilities include designing the operating model strategy, driving key change and transformation initiatives, increasing operational efficiency and contributing to shaping the future of the business.

When the Jupiter Pride Network (JPN) approached Paula to become its Senior Sponsor, she was very happy to take on the role. Paula is firmly committed to diversity. She believes that having people with different experiences and ideas, and allowing them to flourish, will have a very positive effect on the success of the business. In her role, she has helped steer the Network’s initiatives, which aim to promote an inclusive culture in the company. Paula gave her strong backing to JPN’s decision to focus on allyship in 2020. She supported the appointment of an allies representative and endorsed a programme of targeted events aimed at developing broader awareness in the company of issues, both past and present that shape and inform how LGBT+ employees approach the workplace, and their role in the wider community. Paula believes JPN can achieve more, with a broad base of allies that can help drive change across the business, creating an optimal environment for LGBT+ employees to thrive.

She comments: “When individuals can really be themselves at work, you get the best from them. I believe strongly that the more diverse and inclusive a company is, the better able it is to unlock the full potential of all its people.”